Garage Shutters

Our roller shutter doors whether they are industrial or domestic are noted for quality and reliability, whether its an industrial shutter or a window security shutter. We only use quality materials from our fully equipped factory and only send out roller shutters that live up to our very high standards. We have been manufacturing our garage shutters for over 20 years.

Our insulated 77mm foam aluminium lath is available in a range of colours, please contact us with your enquiries on garage shutters.

The garage roller shutter door is wired to a 13amp fused spur, has a remote control operation with 2 remote controls, safety beam, safety brake and manual override. The garage roller shutter door rolls into a 300mm box giving a clear roof area. Comes with enclosed hood and auto-locking.

  • Easy to use automatic lock system, no additional keys required.
  • Smart 300 box which shutter rolls into.
  • Remote control system, 2 remotes, safety beam and safety brake with manual override.

Our garage shutters are available to view and operate at our factory if you would like to visit us. If you are looking for other home security shutters or security sliding lattice gates and grilles, please click onto our other site: for further information. 

Contact us for more information about our roller shutters, garage shutter doors and domestic roller shutters. We have various London garage shutter installations and Essex garage doors fitted if you would like to arrange viewing one.

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