Fire Exit

Our fire exit steel doors and emergency exit doors are available as single steel doors including the steel door frame. The emergency exit and fire exit steel doors do not include a 10 point locking system as standard, and instead have a single panic bar latch. For additional security on our fire exit steel doors, providing this is not your only means of entry into the building, we recommend fitting a security drop lock bar as pictured, this adds additional security to your fire exit steel door and prevents intruder access from outside. These doors are a standard grey powder coated finish, but can be powder coated to a colour of your choice. For additional items such as vision windows or door closers, please see our accessories page. If you require access from outside, we can supply external lockable knuckles.

Our Fire Exit Steel Doors comprise the following:

  • Easy Installation
  • Expandable frame to accommodate W: 880-940mm, 980-1040mm or 1100-1160 x H: 2075mm
  • Steel Door comes complete with frame, hinges and threshold
  • 2mm frame with 1mm leaf with inbuilt steel strengthening
  • Anti-jemmy lip round the frame
  • Hinged on the left or right, opening outwards
  • Single panic bar
  • Powder coated to RAL7045 as standard


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